Saturday, March 15, 2008


One of my favorite activities is directing a praise dance team at church. The team is made up of middle school girls, and I really love it and them. They are called Praise in Motion, shortened to PIM......or as some of the guys think it is hysterical to call them....Praise in Motion People. You can figure it out. Every time they say it, they crack themselves up. I try not to let them see me laugh.
So, PIM dances on Sunday mornings and sometimes they get in a practice in front of the whole middle school population on the Wednesday night before. That happened this week. I took video and asked them to watch and critique themselves. Remember, I really do love them when I say they look like a line of dancing Cousin Its. It's all about the hair baby!

You will not be able to stand watching the entire thing, but take a peek. They dance in the service tomorrow morning and I have just one question. Is it legal to administer Jolt to a minor before 8am?

Normal Girl