Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Need These! Swap with Me!

Hot pink glitter shoes!!! I have 50 pair of these in Girl World. I glittered these shoes for decorations for a women's event coming up at church. Here's what I think: They are the perfect decoration for any event, don't you think? birthday shower, yeah, white glitter....... name it. Yeah, OK, you are right, they are probably not appropriate for a formal occasion. For that you need BLACK glitter pumps!!

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to the Salvation Army store or the thrift shop and buy two carts piled full of pumps....or one pair if you are not an overachiever. Don't get fabric covered shoes, they won't work well. Promise the cashier you are not reselling on Ebay. Although, once they are glittered, you could make a fortune selling them because they are so cool and everyone needs some.

2. Stuff the shoes with tissue paper or something and spray them with pink spray paint. Let them dry.
3. Brush white glue or Mod Podge to cover the outside of the shoe. Sprinkle hot pink glitter all over the shoe. It is easier if you glitter the shoe in sections. Let one section dry before you go on to the next section.

4. Admire your fabulous creation!

OR, if you don't want to make your own, swap me for this pair. When the event is over, I will swap this pair with you. Tell me what you have to swap and I will see who has the thing I want most. I will decide who has the best swap material on April 1, so tell me what you've got before then!
Normal Girl


Anonymous said...

i have a teenage girl ( age 19) and a 22 year old girl - both who will never leave my home until i kick them out...would love to trade them for a new pair of pink glittery shoes -
they are a little lazy ( the girls not the shoes) but both can drive and run errands - and I KNOW how much you HATE shopping, oh and the older one can do laundry when forced -

salesdiva said...

I will swap one pair of pink glitter shoes for one copy of Diana Gabaldon's next book (hard copy of course) and a weekend at my house to read it.

Pattimac said...

Love, love, love the shoes! Can I steal the idea for one of our retreats? Can't wait to fit this idea into a ladies luncheon, painting chapter function or just dream one up to use these shoes! My offer for the shoes is one week stay at our one bedroom condo in Panama City, Florida, free! Actually, it has a king size bed in the one bedroom, with bunk bed twins in a niche in the hall (built-in) and the couch has a sleeper sofa with a queen pullout. So.......did I win?????

Anonymous said...