Friday, March 28, 2008

The Church of the Pink Shoes

Remember the pink glitter shoes?

I took them to church tonight and all 50 pair of them are decorating the lobby, the auditorium, the hallways and the bathrooms. They are all in cute little vingnettes like these. There is quite a bit of glitter everywhere, but we like that. I had a thought tonight. When I die and they do an autopsy, they are going to find a pile of glitter in the bottom of my lungs. Maybe the coroner can write in a medical journal about me.

Don't forget the swap for the glitter shoes. Go to the

entry on March 19 and leave me an explanation of what you would like to swap me for a pair of these hot pink glitter shoes. I will see who has the best offer and choose on Monday night, April 1. You know you want them!

This is what it looks like in the bathrooms....even in the boys bathroom. You can see our theme is black with white dots and hot pink shoes? The event is all day tomorrow. Hope the ladies think it is cute!!

Normal Girl

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votemom said...

so, never mind my previous question. the bathrooms look fantastic! i'm thankful you are letting our church be blessed by your gifts and talents!