Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Discovery

Here's what I think. The best way to contain a gaggle of middle school girls.... make them go in public wearing curlers. They lock themselves in the bathroom.

Amazing what a beatuful costume and having her hair done will do for a girl. Of any age. Yes, these are the same girls doing the same dance today on Palm Sunday.

Normal (Choreographer) Girl


tracia said...

they look like they are having fun -
from the camera angle - it looked like the people in the front row were going to get smacked- they i had this thought....maybe it's her parents, they said no to her this weekend...about something she wanted to do or wanted to buy - so she is intentionally getting as close to their faces as possible - with hopes of accidentally popping them one.

Imaginina said...

You win! Those were her parents!

Anonymous said...