Saturday, March 29, 2008

It Was

Today was the women's event at church. Kay Arthur was our speaker. If you are not familiar with her, check her out. She will teach you a cool way to study your Bible. Today she talked about walking with God.

Kay took the stage and the very first thing she did was to tell 1000 women to go check out the princess bathroom. She said they had to see the mirrors

and the painting and the princess pictures.
She said that it was a bathroom that could be very ugly. Then she quoted me. Ready?
"It was."
That witty reparte is why I decorate bathrooms instead of work with people.

Then she talked about the third floor bathroom. Many women worked hard to make this event at our church an incredible experience for all of the attendees. And, now our claim to fame is our bathrooms.
Any way, the event was a hit: Kay, the music, the pink glitter shoes, all of it. I love women's events like this. There is an incredible energy in a room of 1000 women praising God together. Love it!
Normal Girl


votemom said...

yeah, i can't believe we actually paid that person to paint that bathroom lima-bean-green and throw up a border that didn't even match. ick.

we used to have "one thing" conferences in the fall and we would put potted mums in all the urinals of the mens' rooms, as we made all restrooms for girls those times. did they do that this time?

Imaginina said...

she got PAID?

No, we did not have plants in the urinals, we had pink glitter shoes in the urinals. Much better. ha!