Friday, March 21, 2008

White Knuckle Driving

As long awaited, I have my three nieces with me for the weekend. We took a short drive to see my sister, their Aunt Smelliado. We went to the mall and had dinner at the local arcade, a fun day. It was snowing like crazy and we headed home. The one hour drive took nearly 3 hours. The highway home was so bad, I never drove over 35 miles an hour. We saw thirteen cars off into the ditch. But, we finally made it safe and sound except for every muscle in my body being knotted from the tension of driving in a blizzard. For Pete's sake it is EASTER weekend. Who says God does not have a sense of humor?
We have lots of things planned for the weekend, I will post the stories. Talk about a sense of humor,, why am I a foot shorter than these girls now??? I feel like Aunt Normal Girl and the Sequoia Nieces.
SO thankful to be home,
Normal Girl


Mom with a stiff neck said...

What if you are shorter than Auntie Normal and you gave BIRTH to one of the Sequoia's? When are you going to spend a week-end with the Redwood nephews so we can hear about that?

Imaginina said...

When the Redwooods act like she is alive and call to schedule, Aunt Normal Girl has a weekend planned full of paintball and go carts and stuff.

Anonymous said...

HA! Mom's a funny one! Oh mann, I'm not a redwood nephew but I'd love to paintball, and go cart with aunt kim and mom! That would be hilarious, and fun! I LOVE AUNT NORMAL GIRL! Only I think she's Aunt EXTRAORDINARY girl! Did you hear that the smaller Oklahoma Sequoia niece finally got a car?! WOOHOO! That weekend was lots of fun, I can't wait till we get to see them again in May!
-Daughter of mom with a stiff neck
(One of the Sequoia Nieces)

Anonymous said...