Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome to my Blog!

Here's what I think. Blogs are like stories that keep going and going. You get to meet and know the characters and watch the plot develop. Personally, I get addicted to blogs where it seems like the people in them have become my friends. So, you will get to know me and I will introduce you to my friends. I have alot of artistic, creative friends who are ....well.....nuts. Sometimes they make me laugh till I fall on the floor, hope you will too. I am not that funny, but I have alot of cool things going on in my life all the time. Even though I love living in Michigan, I travel a bit for work and meet lots of people. The airline stories alone could fill a blog. I am an overachieving, type A, driven girl who rarely sits still. In my age induced wisdom, I have finally found a good channel for my chronic helium arm desease. I used to write books and do television and travel the world to teach, in an effort to make people know who I am and make lots of money. Now I channel my energy toward several ministries. It is way more fulfilling. No contest.

My assistant Imaginina......think about it.......will put her two cents in. There is no way to stop her. Maybe I will learn to use my camera. Who knows where this blog will take us. I hope you stick around and check it out.

Normal Girl