Thursday, March 27, 2008

They Call it Romance

I have been writing jewelry making instructions for weeks. There is a ridiculous part to writing jewelry making instructions.....the romance copy. Here are a couple examples of romance copy. It is supposed to make you NEED to make the jewelry. A monkey could write this stuff:

Add a bold southwestern flavor to your outfit with beautiful turquoise beads and stunning silver . Add some inspirational charms and everyone will ask you where you got your gorgeous bracelet!

Very chic and elegant, make and wear this bracelet showing a variety of fabulous textures. Flocked beads and the timeless cameo work together with interesting metal pieces to make a striking jewelry piece, perfect for any occasion from casual to dressy!

All you need is a thesaurus and a pile of adjectives and exclamation points. Here is the one Normal Girl would not let me use. Why? Does she think it would excite jewelry makers to riot and stampede in the store to buy the products causing a need to call security?

Nothing says summer like bright white seashells with shiny bling. Wear this to recapture your youth, make you thinner and prettier, make your hair thicker and shinier, and make you smell minty fresh. This bracelet has lots of movement, lots of fun! Feel the sun, smell the sun tan lotion, and hear the surf. It will remind you of vacation every time you wear it.

It works for every product in the supermarket. Live it up Normal Girl.....