Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Creative Crowd

The snow did not stop us today, we had a blast. First we went to Entreevous, a place where you can make your own dinners. We came home with Chicken Picatta, Steak Kabobs, and Raspberry BBQ Chicken. It took the girls 15 mintues to make their recipes. ....speed chefs.

Then we went to the pottery painting place and spent a couple hours creating.
The third hand, aka teeth.........
The bead studio in Girl World.
The singing beaders! We watched Rent, we knew all the words to every song. We watched part of Cabaret, but it was too slow for us today. Then I introduced them to A Chorus Line. It was a hit.
Beading went on for about 6 hours, before and after cooking and eating the dinner the girls made in the morning. We wish we had more hours to this day. We have some journals to paint that we did't have time to work on. There are just not enough hours in the day in Girl World for Aunt Normal Girl and the Sequoia Nieces.
Good thing romorrow is another day,
Normal Girl