Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Watch This

Look what else I found in the office re-do! I might have plans for these watch heads, but I am wondering if it is going to cost a fortune to buy new batteries for 18 watches. Because of course, they are all dead.

I personally, have not worn a watch for years. I think most people don't wear watches any more because their cell phones are at the ready for telling time. Sometimes I wear a watch that I added to a bracelet. The watch is dead, and I think of it like a charm instead of a watch, and the bracelet is fab. Ok, I am probably the only person on earth that doesn't care if the watch she is wearing is dead. So, I guess I will be researching watch batteries this week. I hate to waste 18 cute watch heads.

Enjoying the surprise treasures!
Normal Girl
Office Archaeologist


Joy! said...

dollar store has watch batteries. :o) gotta love the dollar tree!

Normal Girl said...

Oh, I never thought of that! I did find them for 75 cents online with free shipping, so while there is no instant gratification, I can live with it.