Monday, September 13, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

I saw this today on the Craftzine blog. It is about a guy who submitted his resignation on a cake. The Craft Chica noted that she thought it would be a great way to possibly get a job by turning in your resume on a cake.

And that made me think about this book that I just read. The Human Pinball bought it and let me read it before she did. You know how you have read books that changed your life? Well, this one has the potential to change mine. I am still processing it. It touched painfully close to home. Well, painfully with a punch of hope.

Briefly, it is about a guy who had a job that was boring him sick. When he started in his career, the job was exciting and he was passionate about it everyday. Yeah, things have a way of getting old and stale. And the job he loved became a drudge. One day, he wandered into a rehearsal of a Cirque de Soleil performance and struck up a very interesting relationship with that organization. In the end, he realized what he had originally loved about his job was the creativity he needed to have success. Eventually, it became business and he used the techniques and processes that had always worked for success. Through a change of thought process, he was able to recapture some of the creativity and interest from the early years of his job.

So, I am there. Entrenched. Buried. I work in an industry that inspires creativity in people. Yet, I use no creativity in my job. Seems weird, but it is true. I am a designer whose left brain has taken over. After all these years, I know how to do the job quickly and efficiently, and have stopped the experimentation and fun.

So, the cake resignation struck me. I need a cake resignation from my current work process and a cake resume to myself for permission to relocate what I used to love about my work.

Normal Girl

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