Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking a lot about garbage picking furniture and redoing it. We did some in Germany, and with my office re-do, I have several pieces on the re-painting list. What is better than new furniture that is free and has been personalized by you?

This morning, I ran across a clip from the today show featuring Nate Berkus. If you don't know him, he is one of Oprah's finds and he has a new show of his own that is starting this month. He is an interior decorator. He did Oprah's house and then she made him famous.

One of the regular segments on his show is going to be about picking furniture out of the trash, or from the curbside where someone is throwing it away, and redoing it. His example in the clip was a small two drawer night stand. He repainted, removed some of the moulding, added new drawer pulls and .........added a marble top. He said at the store, someone would pay up to $500 for a night stand that looked like it. He also said that the redo cost him under $300. I think he is totally missing the point!!!! Whoever can afford a $300 nightstand is not going to be picking one out of the trash and refurbing it. And who among us knows how to work with marble??? Isn't the point of trash picking that the furniture is going to be free or very inexpensive to redo?

He needs a foray into regular America, where normal people live.

Just sayin......
Normal Girl


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Pamela said...

NO KIDDING!!!!!!!! OH I am just shaking my head.

Barbara said...

Hope he'll have tons of good ideas for us.

Wykate said...

What's a couple of decimal places, tee hee.