Sunday, September 12, 2010

Colors for Spring 2011

Just in case you are working on your wardrobe for spring 2011, here are the 10 most prominent fashion colors for next year. Nice palette. This is brought to us by Pantone, who sets colors for designers in every industry.

Especially noteable for me is that brown is mixing with pink, see Russet. And the turquoise color from this year, is still there, but maybe with a little bit more blue added, see Blue Curacao. I have been reading that mauve, from the 1980s would be making a comeback. Nauseating, yes, but I don't see it in this palette, so we will see. Also, I am seeing that gray color a lot in home dec. Not for me, but nice in the applications, I have seen.

Very springy,
Normal Girl

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