Friday, September 24, 2010

New Acquisition

Ah, acquisition therapy can be so rewarding, but nobody ever wants to spend money on a vacuum cleaner. Mine started on fire last night, so I played taps for it and put it in the trash. It was more than 25 years old, and I had paid only $25 for it, so I sure got my money's worth out of it.

I bought a new one this morning. I barely need one since I have all hardwood floors, but I do need it for a rug in the living room. So, I did not need a heavy duty cleaner. You know I don't think they even call the vacuum cleaners anymore. It only cost me $35, that made me happy.

So I got it home ad put it together. Yeah, that cracked me up that the vacuum cleaner required assembly. Its selling point for me was that it had two settings: one for rugs/carpet, and one for hardwood floors. I used the carpet setting on my rug. OK, not great, but OK. And then the hardwood floor setting? It did not pick up a thing. I turned it over. No suction. What exactly is it supposed to do to the hard wood floor?

Even on carpet setting, it will not pick up beads, even the tiniest ones, or glitter. What two things do I consistently have on my floors that need to be picked up?

I know, what was I expecting for $35?
Normal Girl

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Owen's Grammy said...

and you are taking it back right???