Thursday, September 2, 2010

French ID Bracelet

Last week, when I was in France. HOOT! I was in France last week!!! Anyway, we went to an antique market in Metz. I bought 5 ID bracelets with French girl's names on them" Nathalie, Josette, Juliette, Daniele, and Valerie.

Today, I took them apart and remade them into a bracelet. I added some crystal beads. It now has three chain strands. I recycled the chains from the ID bracelets. Some of them were really nice, so I wanted to keep them too. Clicking on the pics will make them larger and easier to see.

So, I am wearing 5 French ID bracelets. Just call me Josette Nathalie Juliette Daniele Valerie.

Au Revoir,
Normal Girl


Joy! said...

SO creative, as usual. It is absolutely delightful! What a great way to remember the France antique market. We were in FRANCE last week :o)

Brittany Martin said...

this is such a great idea! i love antique jewelry. one of my favorite pieces i've ever found was a key charm bracelet. it has all these different keys...a person, a bible, a dove with an olive branch, etc...unfortunately, i did not find it when i was in france. enjoyed seeing your id bracelets!