Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Job for a Monkey

Today's post is by guest blogger Imaginina. Imaginina has been on vacation for awhile.....a long while, but is back in full strength. Take it away Imaginina.

Friends... Today, Normal Girl asked me to sew some buttons on for her. Sewing on a button is a 5 minute job. Really. But, believe it or not, there are many people who cannot sew on a button. I am reminded of an office where I worked once, full of 20 somethings who could not do anything for themselves. I heard stories of paying a seamstress to sew a button on, and throwing away a shirt because it had lost a button. I am not lying. Those are true stories told to me by kids who should have been embarrassed to say that out loud. For goodness sakes, a monkey can sew on a button!

So, I went to YouTube. Yes, the place where 20 somethings find out how to do everything their Mothers and Fathers should have taught them when they were 8 years old. There were several videos on how to sew on a button. All produced by fellow 20 somethings. For crying out loud, every one of them turned sewing on a button into a complicated life long project. Some propped the button up with pins, some made a shank for the button out of thread, some used words like perpendicular.

Just knot the thread, and go up and down through the holes! It is not rocket science. Most people I know could sew on a button by age 5.

What is wrong with young people these days?

Thread a needle, sew on a button, put it on your resume!


njbuttongirl said...

Hi it's nj buttongirl! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink slippers! what a great idea to make drab slippers look like "fun"!

NormalGirl said...

Good thing I have the talented Imaginina who can sew on a button!

JAD said...

Imaginina is up to her old tricks!

Lynda said...

Did she get so worked up that she tried to smack ya?

Owen's Grammy said...

hahahahahahahahaha!!! so true! Go Imaginina!