Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Art in the Park

I found these in the little park near the boat launch where we caught our boat on the Rhine River. That is it in the background. I thought they were cute and clever, the girls are playing musical instruments. It is hard to see that until you are up close inspecting them.

I could not tell of which material they are made. At first I thought cement, but no. They felt like paper mache, but that would not hold up in weather. No final consensus.

I guess this is true about most art in some way...I thought they were cute and interesting. Nobody else cared.

Normal Girl


votemom said...

they are super cute!

McBreezies said...

Got me to care! Those are really neat and I'd love to see one in person.

briana said...

I really like them. I just generally love art being around cities and towns, it makes them complete.