Monday, February 1, 2010

Would She Remember Me?

Meet Marin. I knew her in college. I think about her now and then. She popped into my head this morning because of a text conversation I had with Niece 1. N1 texted that in her theater class, they are doing Wicked. My fav musical of all time. N1 also loves it. Together, we can sing every word. She is having such a blast with her theater minor. She loves to sing and be on stage, but because she has a softball scholarship, all of her time is taken up with that. She can't participate in theater, so she is taking it as her minor.

Niece 1 while shopping, she is not shy

Sometimes I forget the distant past, but I also had a minor in theater. And that reminded me of Marin. I decided my minor late in the game, so I had a beginning acting class as a senior. Marin was a freshman, very quiet and shy. We had to choose partners for class, I thought maybe I could help her so I asked if she wanted to partner.

I should have stuck with her! She turned out to be a Broadway actor. Check her out. We were never in anything but that class together. That year, the musical at WMU was Cabaret. Don't know why she was not in it. I loved the experience.Yeah, I was not allowed to be Sally Bowles because lead roles are reserved for theater majors, so I did everything I could to upstage everyone else. It was 1978, I can hardly believe I was that young. I had the hugest false eyelashes known to man, they were so cool.

So, Marin obviously went on to bigger and better things.

Any of you Broadway aficianados seen her in anything?
Normal Girl