Saturday, February 13, 2010

A New Gallery

This is a hallway at church. There used to be photos of all the past church pastors here. Considering the church is 75 years old, some of the photos were very old and I might say... a little scary. They were not hung level or even, it was not pretty. So, for Christmas, we took them down and put up some Christmas photos. They were too small for the space. And temporary.

I spent the afternoon today framing new photos. They are photos of people of every age, from the church, engaged in service or ministry of all kinds. I enjoyed my afternoon in the church all alone. There was framing. And singing. And dancing. And I examined the photos. It made me think.

Within the church right now, there is some controversy/discussion/argument regarding some silly things like how loud the music is on Sunday mornings, and how many times a month we open the hymnals. It makes me sad and I think we are missing the point. And every once in awhile the point is made clear to me...when the church donates tons of food and money for some single Mothers and their children for Christmas...when 17 women get in the car on Friday night and drive an hour to a rescue mission to visit with the 30 residents....when church families donate generously filled backpacks to kids who have nothing...when 92% of the membership comes together in agreement to vote in a new teaching pastor.

And when I looked at the photos today, I saw they illustrate the point so well. We are a family. A family of many generations. Each generation is important to the others. We serve together, we learn together, we worship together.

My hope is that when I get the gallery finished and all of the photos hung on the wall, it will be a reminder to us of what is important in a church.

Feeling blessed to be in this family,
Normal Girl


votemom said...

where are the pastor pix going?

i knew all but two.

Barbara said...

What a great idea to have the pictures of all the generations working and playing together. People like to see their own pictures showing fun memories. I think most churches do have the issues you talk about, but I believe the real problem is that so many people lack communication skills. Bottom line is, it's family and shoot, lots of families have controversies too. Mine included. LOL But just maybe the pictures will do the trick and be a constant reminder of what's really important.

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