Monday, February 15, 2010

Wire and Beads

In a month, I am facilitating a necklace project at a small, private art retreat. Hi girls, I can't wait! My project is called, "You Are Not Allowed to Buy Anything For this Necklace." If you know anything about artists, you know they have piles of materials sitting around in case they get some time to try them out. They also always say they are not buying more until they use up some of what they have. This necklace is our chance. This is the bottom part of the necklace.

I decided on a palette, and dug through my stash for some things that were black, pink and clear to put into the YANAtBAFtN. Sadly and happily, I did not have to buy anything for it. Good, since that is the rule. The base of this section is plastic tubing. I made one pass across the section of tubing with the larger beads, wrapping with black hardware wire. Crazy wrapping, not pretty wrapping. Then I made a second pass with thinner aluminum wire, adding smaller, filler beads and charms.

I added a big glass charm that I bought from a girl named Amy. Wish I could remember her website to share it with you. She has Fab. U. Lous. glass charms. I attached this big charm with a lobster clasp, because the charm is two sided, and I might want to turn it over.

Like this. I have had Amy's glass charm hanging on a chain over a door handle in my kitchen for a year, waiting for inspiration to hit. I like it on this necklace.

It will be interesting to see what kinds of beads and wire and charms and whatnot everyone else brings to the retreat to make their own versions.

That was fun,
Normal Girl