Friday, February 5, 2010

Girl's Night In/Valentine Party

Tonight was Girl's Night In at Grace Centers of Hope. A group of women from my church and two other churches went to spend a couple hours with the ladies living at the rescue mission there. We had a night planned full of activities and it was a success. We brought hot pizza with us. That was a treat for them since all of the food they eat is donated and at least one day old.

While we were eating, we were treated to a drama based on the book You Are Special by Max Lucado. The Librarian narrated the story. It is a children's book but has a good message for everyone:


The Teacher and her band of thespians acted the parts while the story was being read.

Handing out stars and dots.....

Meeting Eli, the toymaker....

The room was silent, which is pretty amazing. Good story.

The rest of the evening, we visited, crafted, and had dessert. We met each other. Stories were exchanged.

Sparkle came along and brought a glitter craft that was very popular. We made almost 50 of these peace signs. For more pics of the project, see Sparkle's blog.

We decided to make it a Valentine's Day party, so for dessert, we frosted and decorated our own cupcakes. Our sweet friend BW made us 4 dozen cupcakes today, chocolate and red velvet. They were pretty with all kinds of sprinkles when the decorating was done. Tasted good too.

Girls' Night In allows us to return to our homes feeling blessed and thanking God for His provision. Life stories from women who lived years on the street or sixteen year old girls who got into drugs, altering their lives, will do that for you.

Grace Centers of Hope does great work. The ladies I went with tonight have great hearts.
Normal Girl