Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day!

This is Eenie. He lives across the street from me. He is about 4 years old. His Momma let him go out to play today. I guess his outside play repertoire is still limited, maybe he does not know how to play in the snow. You can see, he is riding his scooter.

He had it figured out because he shoveled the sidewalk before he got the scooter out. He was amazingly dextrous with the snow shovel. I could not tell how much snow he really got removed, but riding the scooter only lasted a few minutes. He made it longer than big brother who came out jumped into the snow and then went back in. It took longer to get all his winter clothes on than it took for him to be tired of being outside.

Are you playing outside today? When you were Eenie's age, did your Dad or Mom show you any good snow games? My Dad LOVES the snow. We played outside until forced to come in. Our repertoire included:

- ice skating on the rink Dad made for us every year
- tobogganing down the toboggan run Dad built for us every year (or skied down it)
- sitting in a sled while our dog Laddie pulled us around the yard
- building snowmen and snow forts
- snow angels
- snowball fights
- snow art, spraying food colored water on the snow
- fox and goose, we had a huge yard and we would walk off a giant circle with spokes and play tag on the pathways
- snowmobiling, but not in the back yard

What else did you do on a snow day?
Normal Girl