Friday, February 19, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

In the community of mixed media artists, for some years, artist trading cards have been a fun way to express creativity, meet other artists, and share blogs or websites. ATCs are the size of a business card. An artist decorates the card with whatever media in which she works. Then she trades them with other artists.

It is like collecting business cards, except they are little pieces of art. Usually they are paper or cardstock. I made mine out of layers of fabric with batting between, kind of like mini quilts. They are stitched together, and some dimensional pieces like beads or ribbons or buckles added.

I made these in a hotel room in Dallas one night. I have this visual memory that is very weird. When I pick up these cards, I can picture everything about the hotel room I was in when I made them. Do you have that?

I never traded my cards. I liked them and just kept them. The colors make me happy. Tonight, I added beads. They needed beads.

Still not trading them,
Normal Girl