Sunday, January 31, 2010

Antique Glasses: Art or Old Junk?

When I photographed the antique glasses I bought yesterday, it crossed my mind that I have used old glasses in art pieces before. Here are three.

HPB, remember this? Do you still have yours? HPB and I went to an art retreat in Wisconsin. The people who went were so excited that we all connected before we left and did a round robin project together. We each bought a canvas, and did 1/4 of it. Then we mailed it around our group of four. You can tell my theme. Click to see it bigger and read the words.

My Grandma had glasses just like these.

This was another round robin. I think HPB and The Diplomat both had a hand in this one. We each did our pages in our eye colors. I added the glasses to the spine of the little book. And I laid the glasses on the copy machine and made a paper bookmark.

I did this in a weekend workshop in Seattle. I had a great time sitting and stitching all weekend. I found these way cool glasses at an antique shop around the corner when on a break.

These glasses are so cool. Should I get my prescription in them and wear them?

Wondering if old glasses should be my signature,
Normal Girl