Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recovery Story

This is a story that tells how to cover a book by decoupaging fabric to it. I am posting it because it is very easy and several people have asked how to do it. It will work on any book, hard or soft cover. It just happens that the book I covered today is my Bible. I saw this fabric at a craft show last fall, made into kid's clothes. I looked all over the place for some. I finally found one yard of it online and it made me happy.

This will be the second covering of my Bible. You can see that the decoupage medium works like a champ. I could not remove the first fabric cover or the pieces I added to the surface. I was only able to peel the top layer off the papers I glued down.

First: lay the book open and cut a piece of fabric that is a little bigger on all sides.

Brush a not stingy coat of Mod Podge all over the cover of the book. Wrap the fabric around the book, sticking it to the wet Mod Podge. Brush a coat of Mod Podge over top of the fabric.

You can see that I used Mod Podge Gloss. It also comes in a non shiny matte finish. Let the first coat dry. Brush a second coat over everything, going over the edges. The fabric past the edges of the book should be wet. Let dry completely.

With scissors, trim the fabric at the edges of the book.

Decorate at will. To those of you who think God does not like beads, glitter and rhinestones, you are wrong. Just ask Him.

This is a fun and easy way to cover a journal or even your phone book. Come on, covers of phone books are horrible.

It works especially well for procrastinating your homework or other duties you are not quite up for,
Normal Girl