Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trends for Baby Boomers

One of the things I do as a freelancer is follow trends. Mainly, I follow trends in crafts, jewelry, and fashion. But, general trends are helpful because they set the tone for the specialized trends I follow. For some years now, trenders have been looking for trends to develop that are caused by the aging of the large baby boomer population in our country. I think the time has arrived to inquire if the people reporting the trends are really reporting trends or making them up because they could maybe possibly be trends.

I think you are considered a boomer if you were born between 1945 and 1960, something like that.

A current trend I read about is called Embraced Aging. As you guessed, it speaks to the boomer generation. So they say. I am hoping that the boomer generation has gained more wisdom than what I see reflected here.

There are many sub trends in this category.

Boomers in Print Campaigns. Yes, if it is Jerry Hall. She is over 50 and even taking airbrushing into consideration, she photographs well. This ad is classy....well except for the 20 something boy toy in the bed with her.

Elderly Modeling. Is elderly really the word we want to use? Again, yes, this is a beautiful woman who represents a large part of our population and they life they are living.

Inking Grandmas. Trend? Really? Besides, seriously, I think this tattoo Granny is older than the boomer generation.

Eccentric Elderly Fashion. This represents impeccable taste in fashion?

Celebrating Senior Beauty. Comments from the peanut gallery? (And if you are a boomer, you remember the peanut gallery)

Geriatric Girl Power. Ok, yes, but a trend?

Boomersutra. How to have sex with arthritis, after hip surgery, or stroke. Again. Trend?? And do we have to talk about it?

I really want to think, and I am holding on to this, that the babyboomers, after living 50 or 60 years would have more to show than this. Aren't they teaching those coming up behind them? Haven't they learned the importance of compassion and charity? Aren't they writing books to share their hard earned wisdom? Aren't they starting businesses?

If you are a babyboomer and fall into one of these trends, I want to know about it.
Normal Girl