Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Long Does Loyalty Last?

I worked for a large manufacturer of craft paint for 20 years. Today, I sent my resume to one of their competitors. I had to also send a mini portfolio. I have never considered myself to be a painter and had a mini freakout thinking about what I possibly could include in it.

Finding way more painted things around the house than I thought to find, I happily show a few of them to you. This is a cigar box purse. Notice anything odd about it? It is upside down. Please don't tell anyone. Remember that thing I have with old eyeglasses????

I did this canvas after a bible study. I traced my hand and my arm. Kind of like a kindergarden painting.

If you can figure out what this painting means, please comment. (Besides the fact that I am apparently afraid to paint hands)

Once upon a time, Wonder Woman and I and a team of women painted chairs for MONTHS to raise money for a mission trip. This is the chair that started the idea. We raised a lot of money, and people still ask about having chairs painted.

Flower. Standard issue.

This is my kitchen backsplash. I started with all white tiles and painted them. I used the kind of enamel paint that you bake to make it permanent. So, my entire wall has been in my oven!

This is a project in a book that I did with The HumanPinball and The Mag. I have no idea why I put tea things on a pitcher. Iced tea? It is not a tea pot. And who wants fuzzy stuff around what they are drinking? Thinking about cannibalizing the tea time beads for something better.

This is in my kitchen. Dig those lips.

I learned a few things from the experience:
- I paint more than I think I do
- You should buy stock in turquoise paint, apparently I use it on everything
- Even 4 years later, I feel weird talking to my old employer's competition
- On the other hand, it made me feel sort of giddy inside thinking I could possible do some work for the competition of the people who thought I was no longer valuable

Maybe I should paint a turquoise painting about those feelings,
Normal Girl


Lynda said...

Turquoise really is your favorite color!

Cheryl Patterson said...

Love your work! It's unique, and beautiful.

The lady sitting with the hat reminds me a little of Cocoa Chanel, with a meloncholy twist - a little sadness to go with that tea (in a nice way though)...shows some vulnerability in the midst of a little solitude (or quiet time).

The pink flower...absolutely georgeous! I love the flower and the colour.

I hope you did well with your interview - do tell!

All the best.

Normal Girl said...

Haven't heard anything yet! Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...