Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Being A Good Citizen

I went to the Post Office yesterday. I will try not to rant, even though visits to the Post Office grow increasingly painful. Yesterday, the employees were complaining that they now have only enough employees to have one window open all day. Nice.

That being the truth, the line was at times, out the door....out the door into the 12 degree day. I waited in line maybe 20 minutes. That is not terrible, but still 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I arrived at the first spot in line.

I watched a man park his car in front and get two huge boxes out of the back seat. They were so big, he could not see over top. he came up the steps carrying them and I could not help it. I left my place in line to open the door for him. As I was walking to the door, the entire room went silent, just like in the movies. After I let the guy in, I turned back to retake my place in line. And the shocked woman behind me said, "Oh my goodness. I could not figure out why you would wait all that time, get to the front of the line, and then leave."

I have been thinking about it for two days. Out of 25 people, only one moved to help the man who needed it. I live in a pretty small town and people are nice here, and friendlier, more outgoing than in the big cities I have been in. And yet, nobody made a move to lose a place in line. Of what is that a sign? There are so many of us in the world that individuals are not important? We hide within ourselves, even in public, so we do not see other people around us? Isn't it uncomfortable to pass someone on the street who does not look at you and say hello? How about at your place of work, or school, or church? Isn't it weird that people you know do the same thing in the hallways?

Trying to be cognizant of others today,
Norma Girl


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