Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Tiny Bit of Antiquing

The Editor and I had a very creative meeting last week while at CHA and I am getting to write a new column in the magazine. It is going to be called: Vintique: Where Vintage and Antique Go on Holiday. Exciting!

This part is a secret. I am not telling anyone but you, so if you can't keep a secret, stop reading now. Come closer......I am going to write it under a psuedonym, how fun is that? I am thinking about Samantha Carter, Columnist, Vintique: Where Vintage and Antique Go on Holiday. What do you think? No telling.

I had a fun afternoon at the antique store looking for really inexpensive items Sam can use in her projects. My fav are the playing cards. They are from the 50's. They say The Kid Glove Treatment and the gloved hand is holding a railroad car. They also say Plymouth Michigan, which is where Sam lives. I had to have them. I am also some kind of freak for old glasses and had to have these too. If Sam does not want them, I am taking them.

All of the things in the pictures are going into one project. I am not sure what Sam will do with those rockin' Christmas light reflectors. I am looking forward to seeing what she can do. Stay tuned, if she is not shy, I will get her to post some of her work.

Are you confused? hahahaha
Normal Girl