Friday, January 22, 2010

California Here I Am

Here I am, in sunny Los Angeles. Wait. No. It is pouring rain, has been for 6 days and there is much talk of mud slides. Cool, I have never seen a mud slide. I did experience an earthquake while at CHA some years ago. CHA = all kinds of experiences. But all the talk of mudslides? I am taking it with a grain of salt, because Californians do not understand weather. They can't tolerate it, it makes them panic.

A carful of us, having some time in the afternoon yesterday, tried to do some sightseeing or shopping. Do you know they close the stores here when it rains? How hysterical is that? It became not only a recurring pattern through out the day, but a running gag for us.

No buffet tonight at the hotel restaurant? No, we don't do that when it is raining (truth)
The rolls are cold? Of course, it is raining
No school this week? Are you kidding, it is raining?
Why are the locals dressed like they are going skiing? Duh, it is raining
The kitchen is not making quesadillas today? No, it is raining

It could entertain us all week.

Here are the tools for the rest of my week. It will start today with schlepping of boxes (so glad that Mr. Human Pinball is here to help me...the Human Pinball is in China right now), doing a glittery make it take it with 200 of my newest friends (unless the show is cancelled due to rain), and some booth set up time.

Also funny to me is that NASA is having some kind of convention in the hotel. What a combo: crafters and rocket scientists. You can certainly tell who is who.

Off to the races,
Normal Girl