Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In the Home Stretch

I am happy to report a busy and profitable day at CHA!

I visited my friend the VP of Buttons at the Blumenthal Lansing booth. They had some amazing new buttons and they had some great projects done with them. Here are the projects I made for them earlier this month, displayed in the booth.

This was my favorite display in the booth. It is huge.

I am headed home tomorrow after a week in California. I have enjoyed my trip and it has reaped business for me, but I am ready to go home. I have not:
  • shoveled a sidewalk
  • slept in my own bed
  • watched a minute of scifi
  • eaten a healthy meal
  • stood in line at the post office, or,
  • taken a nap
for a whole week!

I love a good 5 hour airplane ride,
Normal Girl

P.S. I learned more about the show uniform today. The reason everyone is wearing the uniform everyday, is that there is a guy walking around the show randomly giving really great free gifts. You have to be wearing the uniform to be eligible.