Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two CHA Stories, Day 2

Every CHA has a uniform that people wear. Some booth gives away a t-shirt or hat or something and people wear it the during the whole show. I do not understand it, they just do. This year, it is a pink apron and a chef's hat. They are everywhere. I even saw a very well dressed woman wearing a suit, looking professional, wearing the uniform over top.

Second story... I really did not know what to do about this or how to react. One of the women who spent a lot of time watching me glitter shirts yesterday, came back today. She watched a long time again today. Eventually she picked up a bottle and held it to her shirt, kind of pantomiming that she was going to squeeze it on the shirt. I explained that she should not do it because the glitter would stay wet for hours. She did not speak English. I kept shaking my head no. I got busy doing something else and the next time I looked up, she was squeezing it on her shirt. It takes hours for it to dry, she is going to have wet Sparkle 21 on her shirt for hours? It was not 30 seconds before it was all over her. I could not communicate with her, and she went back to her booth. I felt bad that we could not communicate, I would have loved to hear what she was thinking!

One more day,
Normal Girl


votemom said...

1. what does CHA stand for?

2. plz tell me you didn't wear the apron and hat.

normal girl said...

Craft & Hobby Assn. No I did not wear the apron and hat. Promise.