Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crafter of the Day

These two girls should be the crafters of the day because they were just perfect. I enjoyed them. But they are not, because to qualify for crafter of the day, one must irritate every person around her.

Our project took about 10 minutes to complete. Crafter of the Day took nearly an hour. At the end of our shift, we were in a hurry to clean up because the next demonstrator was ready to set up and get to work. So, we cleaned up everything, threw away trash, emptied water buckets, wiped down tables. The final crafters at our table understood and while we did not rush them, they picked up the pace and got finished.

Except the COD (Crafter of the Day). She gave me a defiant look and said to me,"I don't do well in situations where I have to hurry." She glittered. And glittered. And glittered. Until her canvas was close to completely covered. (The project was to add a few glitter accents.) She was scooping glitter off the table to use. Her project was a nightmare.

It came to a point when we were completely cleaned up except for her, and she just kept on. I told the next demonstrator to set up and work around her. Then I stood off to the side to wait her out. COD worked another 15 minutes before she put her project away, and remaining in her seat, asked to start the new project....even though people were waiting in line.

She did not feel the slightest bit of guilt. Hope COD enjoyed herself. Lots of people were talking about her...

Some people just gotta glitter,
Normal Girl