Friday, January 29, 2010

I Heart Golf


I got this in the mail while I was gone. I have never played golf....except putt putt, which does not seem to be in the magazine's editorial direction. Don't know a thing about golf. Don't really care to know a thing about golf. Please do not say TIger Woods in my presence ever again. I do not know who the new Phil is or want to putt like him. But, it's mine. Has my name and address and an account number on the label.

I started by calling Golf magazine, whose automated computer told me I could not cancel the subscription since a third party set it up. Thankfully, they gave me the name of the third party. I am oblivious to pressure and you can see by the scribbles on the magazine, that I was sent on a wild goose chase to make sure I am not being charged for this magazine.

I never spoke to a person. Eventually, the computer managed to tell me that I am not being charged for the subscription. I recently placed an order at Vista Print and they asked them to send it to me. Yeah, right. So, to cancel it, I had to give them even more information that I did not want them to have. I guess I will not know if it is cancelled until next month. Meanwhile I am watching my card account to see if there are any charges.

Why did they assume I would love a year of Golf magazine?

Dear Vista Print,

Thank you so much for your generous gift of a year of Golf magazine. Could I possibly change that to something I would read? Please choose from the following suggestions:
  • Bead and Button Magazine
  • How to Make Money from Giving Other People's Addresses Out Quarterly
  • How to Save Money by Never Answering the Phone Magazine
Thank you, I look forward to receiving one of the above.
Normal Girl


Anonymous said...

I got a sports betting magazine one time. I kept staring at the magazine wondering how they got my mailing address. Very Annoying!


Normal Girl said...

There is a magazine for betting on sports??? WHo knew!

votemom said...

there is a magazine for BUTTONS?


normal girl said...

Well, they share a a magazine with beads.

human pinball said...

it could have been worse... the magazine could have been O - with Oprah plastered on the front with 2 days worth of photoshopping done on her body and face....she would have told you in 10 easy steps how to improve your life....

in asia there are magazine about collecting Louis Vitton handbags... who would have thunk??????

Anonymous said...