Monday, January 25, 2010

A Random Look at CHA 2010, Day 1

Today was opening day of the trade show. I do not know why they do this, but they start the first day with guys in kilts playing bagpipes and such, walking around the show. The CHA board follows behind them. It is kinda weird and kinda funny.

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Here are some knitted animals in the Lion Brand Yarn booth. They are completely knitted. I asked. Twelve people worked on these. They were amazing.

Sparkle makes her industry debut!

Some of the pieces Sparkle painted for display in the glitter booth. I demoed for a couple hours today. I think more non-English speaking people came in than those I could actually hold a conversation with. They are super patient and I pantomimed where I could. It is hard to pantomime "washable on fabric" I did a whole show to a husband and wife who could not speak English. I think they understood most of what I said, and managed to tell me they wanted to write an order. Whew! Later, they came back with a daughter who spoke English perfectly. She handed me a crystal bead bracelet and said, "Here, wear this and when people say they like it, send them to our booth." HAHAHA Even the selling is creative in the craft industry!

I only walked the show a short time today, but I am predicting that the hit of the show is a new Cricut machine. If you are a scrapbooker, you know a Cricut is a die cutting machine. Their new machine, Cricut Cake, cuts fondant into shapes. It is the coolest thing I have seen in ages. They were doing a cute make it take it. If you wanted to stand in line for an hour, you could use the machine to cut some flowers and put them on top of a cupcake. They had a mountain of cupcakes. No lie. Then you could die cut a box, and put your cupcake in it for safe keeping. The presentation was very cute. If they ever allow us to use the Michaels 40% off coupon on it, I might possibly own one.
I saw several iron dress forms today, all sizes. Most were decorated and I now wish for one for Girl World.

This one has a paper dress.

Jewelry display. Cute or creepy?

Girl World would look a lot better with this rhinestone covered chandelier. Never mind that you would have to walk around it instead of under it because the ceilings are so low.

It is kind of hard to tell, but that is Deborah Norville looking at you. She has her own line of knitting patterns. I think. Or crochet. Or both. Sorry, I did not pay attention.

It is not hard to tell, that is Shrek.

I liked these bangles. They seem kind of like mitten bracelets.

Tomorrow I get a visit from the buyers and the suits from Jo-Ann fabrics. I should get the opportunity to demonstrate Sparkle 21 for them. They are putting it into almost all of their stores. They are smart.

More tomorrow!
Normal Girl

OH! I forgot a really funny thing I saw today that had nothing to do with the show, and I did not even get a pic. Maybe you have seen these and that makes you cooler than I. Tattoo sleeves! I saw a girl wearing them. They are super tight flesh colored sleeves. They start at the wrist and go up high on your arm. You wear a bracelet to cover the bottom and the top goes under your shirt sleeve. They are painted and you look like you have both arms tattooed. They fooled me until her shirt sleeve rode up and I saw under it. HOOT! Who thinks up this stuff?