Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Scholarly Summer

I am four days into the summer semester and the teacher has yet to show up.  When I graduate, I could use that kind of job.  I am taking The Church in Cyberspace.  This week has been spent on the discussion board role playing. Because of where my my falls alphabetically, I have been assigned to petition for my church to have an online presence with streaming video of the Sunday services.  

It has been creepy.  The people against the church being online sound exactly like the real people at my church who hate the music, dancers, and rags.  I can imagine the same debate when television and the automobile were invented.  The nay-sayers don't want to change their comfortable world, so they call websites evil.  And that's all they have.  The pro-web side lists many beneficial things about having an online presence.  Four days of this.  Really, it has run its course.

So, I am in summer school again.  Next summer, it is possible, I could be writing my thesis.

Educating myself and paying for it,
Normal Girl