Friday, May 29, 2009

Shout it Out

Tonight was Girl's Night In at Grace Centers of Hope.  It was one of the best nights we have had there.  The women were feeling good, they knew we were coming, and they were waiting for us to arrive.  And Lottoe made us a great lemon and white cake.  And decorated it!

It was the first time we had met this little girl.  She had the best time covering everything in glue.  We asked her what her name is.  She would not speak it to us.  She told us by drawing it in the air with her finger.  At least three of us tried to get her name out of her.  No dice.  We still don't know what her name is, but we think it starts with M and has an X and a Z in it somewhere.

Get a load of these curls. 

This is Alex with Lottoe.  Alex has been at GCH for awhile now.  She knows us.  She is super smart and has done all of the crafts we have brought.  And has cute leopard leggings on.

We prepared a card making night.    We had all kinds of paper and stickers and rubber stamps.  The ladies had fun exercising some creativity.

But the hit of the night was a rousing game of Outburst.  Players came and went, teams changed, but we played that game for almost 2 hours.  It was great.  Nobody was shy, we were all screaming out the answers.  There was a lot of laughing over crazy answers and cheering for good ones.  The funniest part was that the game was old and some of the questions were really out of date.  For instance, the answers for names of Saturday morning cartoons were shows like Popeye, The Jetsons, Tom and Jerry, and Heckle and Jeckle.  Remember them??  

I am thanking God tonight for this field trip to GCH.  Before I got there, I was whining a bit about needing to stay home and write a paper.  I had even been wondering if Girl's Night In had run its course because our last two visits were not great.  But, I had a great time.  The women of GCH had a great time.  Laughing was so great for all of us.  It felt like we were long time buds tonight.

P.S.  Know anyone that has a coffee table they want to get rid of?  The one they have in the women's rec room is falling apart.

Love how God knows just what we need!
Normal Girl