Monday, May 4, 2009


Part of the preparation for the mission trip was reading a book together.  We read In His Steps.  It is an old book, written in 1897, I think.  It was redone and updated in the 1970s to current language and culture.  It is the book that started the WWJD movement in the 70s.  It is about a church whose members make a pact to consider what Jesus would do in all of the decisions life presents.  It is fiction, but it is thought provoking and I hope it will make us approach our trip and the work we will do from that view point. I suggested my teammates make a list of things Jesus would do if He was in their places on the mission trip.  I spent some time thinking about it:

What would Jesus do as Normal Girl, leader of the Divine Design mission trip to the Atlanta Dream Center?

1. He would make time each morning and each evening to talk quietly with His Father.
2. This is God's mission trip,  so while keeping in mind His original commitment to fix rooms in the apartment building, He would know His main purpose would be seeking the kingdom of God in every action.  God may give Him other duties and other goals along the way, but in the end, He is a missionary on this trip.
3. The relationships of Jesus to His team members would be loving and he would serve them where possible.
4. He would give God the credit and the glory for all successes.
5. He would use the money people have given Him for the trip in the best, most efficient way possible.
6. He would gladly and warmly welcome unknown volunteers that present themselves. He would be patient, warm, and encouraging.  He would be the best representative of His Father.
7. He would be attentive to His team and their goals, yet be open to any Divine appointments set for Him.
8. He would achieve excellence and joy in the process. 

I don't know if I am even close.  It is hard to put Jesus in my shoes.
Normal Girl