Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Girls

Here we are with about half of the girls that live in the building.  I love that one is clutching the new towel we gave her.  It was an exciting present, most of their towels were rags.  They spent the afternoon in the living room we made for them, watching a movie.  It was the first time they had done that.  Then someone cooked dinner for them in the clean kitchen.  That was also very rare until we fixed it up.  So nice to know we made some kind of difference in their daily lives.

We got to know them a little bit while we were there.  They didn't like to talk about themselves much.  They are taught to believe that they live the lives of missionaries, and to be grateful for all they have.  And that is not much.  They live in a building that is very close to un-liveable.  We found electrical problems that we could not believe had not burned the house down.  We fixed what we could see, but who knows what else is behind the walls.  

Three out of four toilets on the girl's floor did not work.  The only food they get is what is donated to them from Trader Joe's, and it is all past the expiration date.  If they don't have that, they eat peanut butter sandwiches till Trader Joe comes through again.

They are together as a group for school, their missions, and for work.  With 6-8 girls in a room, they have to work to find any bit of privacy.  

And they have to pay to be there.  So those that stick it out, really want to.

Before and after pics of the rooms:

Normal Girl