Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 4 Picture if You Will

Camera battery died, no pics today.  

- living room got completely painted
- Pastor Paul agreed to remove the refrigerator from the living room....yes, the living room
- We got a ton of little chores done, trimming, cabinet door handles, etc
- Wonder Woman arrived tonight!!!!

- spilled paint in the living room on the carpet and a pile of sleeping bags...we got every sleeping bag clean!
- installed two ceiling lights only to find they blew the breaker when we turned the wall switch off...found out they had to be wired incorrectly to work...that is why taking on task that are deeper than surface, in an old house can sometimes be more bother than they are worth
- team earned chocolate raspberry truffle deserts from DQ by completing the painting in three rooms today

Lots more to do!
Normal Girl