Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Need a Ten Year Old

I got a new iPhone the night before I left for Atlanta.  Needless to say, during the week, it functioned better as a paperweight than a phone.  I had nothing loaded on it.  Nothing.  OK, that is not true.  Somehow, 450 addresses of people who work for one of the companies where I freelance got automatically downloaded into my contacts.  I didn't want any of them.  I asked the Mac genius how to get them off and he had no idea.  So, I manually deleted all of them last night.  Now I am manually adding the contacts I do want because I do not have a cord to sync my old phone to the computer.  Technology is supposed to be faster and easier, right?  I did manage to figure out how to make a ringtone and I practiced on the Human PinBall.  When she calls, it will play Pinball Wizard.  Call me!!

While I was in the AT&T store, I asked for them to reduce my bill.  I already have them for phone, cell phone and internet, so they said it would be a great package deal if I hooked up their cable too.


The guy was here this afternoon and hooked up stuff to my TV that I don't remember even being asked about, much less agreeing to.  I am going to need a little kid to help me figure out how to watch anything.  I have video on demand and a DVR and who know what else?  I hardly ever watch TV, how in the world did I get all of this?  That guy at the AT&T store?  I have his name and personal cell phone number.  If my bill is not cheaper, he is in dire trouble.

I feel railroaded.
Normal Girl


votemom said...

we have AT&T for our cell phones. we have to call about every other month for added charges on our bill. it is getting very, very old. this months' bill is $100 higher than last month. i will be on the phone in the next day or two getting it taken care of. i think we will be changing. but, i'm not really convinced any other company is really better. after all, they are all in the money-making business. they are not in the lets-save-the-V-family-money business.

sorry about being railroaded. sounds like you got u-verse? yeah, you don't need u-verse.

Anonymous said...