Friday, May 8, 2009

Normal Girl's Busy Day

About 23453 guys arrived this morning at 7 to give me a new roof.  I had guys all over the place today.  With Kim, Tim, and Jim onsite, it sometimes was confusing, but they were finished with the new roof and had patched the hole in the ceiling by 4 o'clock.  I can remove the water catching bucket in the bathroom now! They found no other raccoon holes, but they did find termites.  BLECH!  

They made so much noise all day, I could not hear myself think.   Sometimes they house was shaking and I wondered if Tim or Jim would be sitting at the kitchen table with me momentarily. So, I took my Divine Design list and did a little shopping. 

I also called Pastor Paul at the Atlanta Dream Center.  He told me that when he told the girls we would be there in a week, they stood up cheering and clapping.  I said they should reserve cheering and clapping until they see what we do.  I love to kid a kidder, and he is a big tease. Reminds me of my Dad.  They are really excited for us to be there and that ramped up my own  excitement level a notch.

And, it is trash amnesty day here in the big city.  I am waiting to see what broken junk people take off my curb this year.  I wonder what they do with it when they get it home and it is broken.  People are crazy when it comes to anything free.  Someone is going to enjoy the broken chair that pinches their heinie when they sit in it.

Finally, tonight is a Mother/Daughter bead soup party.  It looks like we will have quite a crowd!

Days like this, you blink and it is over,
Normal Girl