Monday, May 18, 2009

Snapshots of Day 3

Some mission trips go to the jungle.  We didn't, but it was still a jungle out there.  

We got to the building and could not get into the parking lot because there were so many cars there.  The manager at the Wendy's across the street let us park there and even told us where to part so they could watch the van. 

The building has a security gate and you punch a number to get in.  They also have a pad on the inside to get the gate open for you to leave.  We could not get the gate open to leave, so we were stuck inside.  Two of us got the brilliant idea to go in through  an upper floor and out the front door.  So we did that, locked the door behind us like responsible visitors and found a locked gate in the front yard.  So, then we were locked in the gated front yard.  And we had nobody else's phone numbers on us.  Eventually, someone came along and let us back into the house and we found out that the code had been changed to get out of the gate.  Thanks for telling us.

Two of us went to Home Depot tonight for misc stuff for tomorrow.  We had pieces of wood to get cut, and the nice guy cut half of the pieces and the saw broke.  He gave us the wood free, I just have to cut it myself tomorrow. We also wanted a toilet tank cover to replace a broken one.  You cannot buy one.  The nice man in that department told us to cover it with a garbage bag and duct tape it on.  Pretty.

We are being fed to within an inch of our lives.  Amazing.

We had lunch today with one of the students who told us her life story.  She casually told us how Jesus has her life completely planned out.  I am still thinking about that.  Does He tell me that too and I am not listening?  I have always thought He does not tell me that because if I know too far ahead of time, I am happy to take over.  Am I missing out on something?

More tomorrow,
Normal Girl