Sunday, May 17, 2009

Atlanta Day 2

Altar Call with Pastor Paul.  We enjoyed the church service this morning at the mission.  Pastor Paul is the genuine article, he loves his flock and they love him.  He invited them forward three times.  He invited all who needed prayer, and he and his wife prayed for each person.  To give their offering, they went forward, put the offering in a basket and got a bear hug from Pastor Paul.  This photo was his altar call.  

It was loud and full of love. His congregation experiences Sunday morning service in a way we do not.  He knows them all very personally.  He has rescued most of them from drug habits and prostitution.  They have two homes full of kids that were handed to them on the street by their parents.  The love of Jesus is here and it is real.

See a few more pics and a video of Pastor Paul:

Working in the ten-plex tomorrow....
Normal Girl