Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Week in the Life of Normal Girl

This is what I did last week.  Fun with styrofoam!  I was reunited with the love of my life. 
I really do enjoy doing this set decorating thing.  I had never done it before I was asked at church.  I am learning alot.  Should  add it to my resume?

The theme for the next seven week series is Unity.  DT designed a great logo for the bulletin and I sort of reproduced it HUGE over to the left of the platform.  UNTE represents Unite.  The i is missing because we are each to decide where it goes.  Where do "i" fit?  My actions can either unite the body (the church) or untie it.  And the big letters on the stage?  They represent Unite of course, but also some things that can unite us or untie a church: people, music, study and service.

It is always such a relief to walk into the auditorium on the Sunday after we place the new set...and see it all still up.  You know it is all held in place with duct tape.

But this morning just when all was firmly in place, the ceiling above the praise team opened up and water poured down.  Notice the row of plants?  There are plastic buckets behind it catching the water.  It was raining so hard, it sounded like a waterfall.  But, never mind God is good and everything went on as planned.

All duct tape still in place...........thanks to my team, the Paintress, Wonder Woman. and Songbird for your help and encouragement~
Normal Girl


votemom said...

i felt like i was sitting in the rainforest cafe' yesterday! i can't imagine how tough it was for mark to be up there preaching.

i love the new theme. it's very, very convicting to me. i'm applying it to my marriage. i want to use words and take actions that UNITE, not UNTIE.

good stuff.

Dawn said...

running water=bathroom run.

emma said...

what great stage decor! it looks awesome!

Joy! said...

As usual you are amazing, as is your work. Praying it UNITE's us all. All Critical people need to be spanked, starting with me ;o)

Anonymous said...