Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obsession Confession

Sometimes I run to an obsessive streak.  Right now, I am obsessed with chocolate pudding.  Not the pre-fab kind.  Not the instant kind.  But the kind in the box that you cook with milk.  It's good for an old lady like me, right?  Milk? Calcium?  So I cook it and eat it hot.  Love it!

Being obsessed, I wanted some this morning.  After sort of working for a couple hours, and knowing myself enough to know that I would not focus until I had pudding.........I went to the store.  I went to the grocery store wearing a pair of paint pants, a huge sweatshirt, no make up and barely brushed hair.  My head was on a 360 degree swivel in case I saw someone I know before she saw me.  I peeked around the corners before I walked.  You didn't see me, did you?  Good thing I went, I got the last 56 boxes of pudding.  Obsession satisfied, now I can focus on work.

I have no idea how or why an obsession is born in my mind, but I would really like to have some better obsessions.  Why do I never obsess about:
  • exercise?
  • vegetables?
  • school?...oh wait....I am obsessed about getting an A in every class I take
  • cleaning the house?
  • John the Baptist?
Chocolate pudding rules!
Normal Girl


votemom said...

wow. i haven't had the cook kind of pudding since i was living at home with my parents.

i think
that i

hmmm.. but i think it shall be vanilla.

and i totally saw you. it was kroger, right? see. i saw you ;o)

Joy! said...

mmmm, make me some RIGHT NOW! Love the stuff. It reminds me of grandma's house cause she always made the cooked kind. I agree with you that it is best warm.

Uggh, of course I can't have any, cause I just got off the treadmill to burn off the spagetti I ate for dinner!

human pinball said... it warm- that is the best

Anonymous said...