Friday, January 23, 2009

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

I went to work today with Wonder Woman.  She drove me to East China (the real name of the place, not just a sarcastic comment from me) to visit with a birth Mom and Dad.  East China is on the St. Clair River, which you see here.  The opposite shore is Canada.  And when you feel cold this winter, think of this guy.  His heinie must be freezing.

So, Wonder Woman is a social worker for an adoption agency and she takes care of  birth Mothers.  The one I met today is 16 years old and the father is 17.  They are auditioning for an MTV show and I was the Spielberg of the audition tape.  I taped them talking about the pregnancy and the adorable girl said her friends are so excited and nothing has really changed in her life since she got pregnant.  Wonder Woman laughed at me when I said I wanted little Mother to say she throws up every day, is getting fat, her back hurts, and life is hard.  

When did teen pregnancy become something the other girls at school cheer?  
Normal Girl


Dawn said...

i have a friend in highland park/detroit and the kids she works w/ w/in her community sound similar and many get pregnant so young...but its not so surprising to them. it is more of a normal way of life to them...quite different than what i see and experience here in the suburbs.

life is so different a short distance away.

Anonymous said...