Monday, January 12, 2009

Need a Doctor

What kind of doctor do I need to see about lack of interest?  I have hit the wall that I knew I would eventually hit.  I am tired of school.  I have lasted longer than I expected, but my short attention span is rearing its ugly head.  I am tired of it.  I forgot to order my books.  How in the world did I forget that?  

There will be no quitting but my mind and heart have moved on.  And I have a big class this semester, ethics.  I read the syllabus tonight and it is involved.  I am whining.

But, this school thing was not my idea, it was God's.  So, the books have been ordered and I have begun the prep.  Yes, the class does not begin until the 26th and I have work to do already.

Do you have advice for me?  Take two and call me in the morning?  
  • two diet cokes?
  • two attitude adjustments?
  • two chocolate cupcakes?
  • two semesters off?
  • two extra hours of sleep?  
  • two prayers?
Normal Girl


votemom said...

prayers and sleep.

ethics - could end up being pretty interesting.

i admire you. and i will tell you what i tell me kids (which they LOVE hearing, by the way - ha): FINISH STRONG.

Imaginina said...

If only I was at the finish!

human pinball said...

it is God's idea - He will help you - tell him you need a big dose help,
He won't let you down.

Anonymous said...