Friday, January 9, 2009

I Want To Be


I was in the Apparel Mart today, when I happened to find Amy.  Art by Amy.  Her booth was packed.  You always know when a booth is packed, that there is something in there you want to see.  Yep.  I could have spent $2000 in there without even trying.  I didn't.  But, I could have.  Amy was cute with two tone pink hair.  She makes glass charms and bead dangles.  She walked around the booth with a pair of pliers assembling jewelry for women as they picked out the charms they liked.  Amy's jewelry is funny, clever, well done and trendy.  And I wanted it all.  

I have a couple pictures and you already know that when I am taking pictures covertly, I stink at it.  Probably the guilt.  You can click on the pics to see them bigger.

There is a current trend in jewelry called Statement Jewelry.  It is jewelry that walks into the room before you do, and has something to say.  That is Amy's jewelry.  Most of it was huge. And very heavy.  And, by the way, did I mention that I wanted it all?  Me and at least 50 women in the booth while I was there.

See the suitcases?  They are filled with glass charms of all sizes.  Her charms are funny and it was better than browsing cards in Hallmark.  Women were standing there, going through the piles and laughing out loud.  

And people think I make big pieces.....  I can just imagine Amy sitting in her studio laughing as she creates these charms.  You can see a couple of her charms here.   Hold your cursor over a charm to see what is on the backside.

Here is what I bought from Amy.  This is the front......

This is the back....... It makes me laugh so hard that I think I will have a margarita at dinner.

See?  Thanks Weazel and Kateland for a fun night!
Normal Girl