Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Really? A Letter?

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I believe that in your job as CEO for the newly merged Delta and Northwest Airlines, you do not have many opportunities to travel coach.  Today was my first flight since the merger, I have not been on a Delta flight in a very long time.  The flight attendants told us that they wanted us to be safe and comfortable, so I thought I might be able to brainstorm a few things to help you with the comfort of your passengers.

First let me say that your awesome flight attendants were so awesome and gave us such awesome advice and information.  It was awesome to be told that for sure I look over 15 years old.  In case you are not aware, 4 suitcases can go wheels in, in the overhead compartments on the left side of the plane.  Awesome.  How nice of them to wish us an awesome time in Atlanta.  Super Awesome.

Some thoughts on making us more comfortable:
- Flight attendants older than 17
- A special area for passengers that cannot sit still and jiggle the entire flight...or maybe you could have them help load luggage to work off some energy.
- I appreciate that you gave me one free suitcase, so how about a free reading light for each passenger too?  Maybe that could be a perk for elite members.  Or at least your awesome flight attendants could collect a few dollars from a passenger who wants to read and give her a working lightbulb to install.
- A heiney sized seat like the other airlines have.  Even the skinny boy in my row was having trouble.

Why don't you meet me Saturday night at the airport and fly with me to Detroit, and I can show you what I mean?  It would be way super awesome!

I am back,
Normal Girl